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9415B SCT Xcalibrator Strategy Flasher

SCT Xcalibrator Strategy Flasher
Ford Gas Vehicles


Sku # : 9415B
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Product Detail

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The XCalibrator 2 is a very advanced version of SCT's existing XCalibrator flash tool. To meet customerâ??s requests and to include advanced technology, they have added more features to the XCalibrator 2 than any other flash tool on the market. It is the only USB-based tool on the market, which will simplify customer use and save costs from â??proprietaryâ? cables that all other currently available flash tools on the market require for updating or reprogramming. Just as the original XCalibrator, the XCalibrator 2 can be programmed to work on any ODB-II equipped Ford vehicle from 1994-2005.

The XCalibrator 2 has both end user adjustment and high speed data logging capability. Using the keypad, a future firmware update - coming soon - will allow you to make changes to your timing, fueling, fuel injector size, and dozens of other parameters. You can also monitor and data log all critical parameters by both connecting the XCalibrator 2 to your PC and using the SCT Live Link software, or by using the built-in LCD display. Currently only PC datalogging is supported, but the standalone datalogging will be available in August with a firmware update.

The XCalibrator 2 also allows 2 analog inputs when data logging (such as Wideband O2s). Also, because everyone should know what those Check engine lights mean, the XCalibrator 2 allows you to read and understand these codes the minute they appear so you can get back to enjoying your favorite vehicle.


Fuel Adjustment:

  • Wide Open Throttle: 6% Leaner to 14% Richer

Spark Adjustment:

  • Global Spark: -5 to +5 degrees
  • RPM Adjustment Spark:
    • 0 - 2000RPM: -14 to +4 degrees
    • 2000 - 4000RPM: -8 to +4 degrees
    • 4000 - 8000RPM: -8 to +4 degrees

Trouble Codes:

  • Diagnose Check Engine Lights & Clear Trouble Codes

Axle Ratio Selection:

  • 2.73 to 5.14 Ratios

MAF Selection:

  • 80mm to 90mm Lightning SCT Big Air BA-2400 & BA-2800 MAF Meters

Tire Size Selection:

  • 205/65/15 to 315/35/19

Fuel Injector Selection:

  • 19lb to 60lb Fuel Injectors

Other Selections:

  • Idle RPM: -300 to +300RPM
  • Cooling Fan: On / Off Temp
  • Traction Control: On / Off
  • Two Step: On / Off & RPM

Shift Adjustment:

  • Automatic Transmission Shift Schedule:
    • WOT 1st - 2nd: -3 to +7mph
    • WOT 2nd - 3rd: -4 to +8mph
    • WOT 3rd - 4th: -5 to +10mph
    • WOT 4th - 5th: -5 to +10mph
2005-2007 Mustang V6 4.0L 11 RWHP
2005-2007 Mustang GT 4.6L 17 RWHP 30 FT/LBS
1996-2004 Mustang V6 3.8L 19 RWHP 20 FT/LBS
1996-2001 Mustang Cobra 11 RWHP 15FT/LBS
1996-2004 Mustang GT 4.6L 15 RWHP 18 FT/LBS
2003-2004 Mustang Cobra 30 RWHP 35 FT/LBS
2003-2004 Marauder 4.6L 26 RWHP 29 FT/LBS
1999-2004 Focus Zetec 2.0L 6 FWHP 9 FT/LBS
2003-2004 SVT Focus 8 FWHP 11 FT/LBS
2004-2006 F-Series 4.2L 14 RWHP 20 FT/LBS
2004-2006 F-Series 4.6L 11 RWHP 8 FT/LBS
2004-2006 F-Series 5.4L 22 RWHP 20 FT/LBS
2004-2006 F-Series 6.8L 31 RWHP 31 FT/LBS
1999-2004 Lightning / Harley 25 RWHP



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SCT Xcalibrator Strategy Flasher
Ford Gas Vehicles


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