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AFE 10061 Magnum Force Intake System

Turbonetics Torque-Master
Stage-1 Turbo
03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke


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Filter Element
Filter Cleaning Kit

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This bolt-on turbo for the 6.0L comes with a pedestal kit and adaptor flange to allow it to drop in and replace the factory unit. Featuring our Ceramic Ball Bearing for durability and fast boost response, this turbo allows up to 500+ HP and 700ft./lbs. of torque.

Turbonetics Torque-Master line of high performance diesel products now offers turbochargers and intercoolers for the '03-'07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesels. Ford 6.0L Powerstroke owners no longer need to sacrifice slow throttle response (ie. turbo lag) by bolting on makeshift parts and can eliminate the lazy factory units spool-up. Turbonetics Patented Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo provides both fast spool-up for quick acceleration and increased airflow to help keep EGTs down. Low exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's) are extremely important when towing and when the Turbonetics turbo upgrade is combined with the Spearco Intercooler upgrade you have a win-win combination of more power and increased efficiency. Spearco Intercoolers routinely drop intake temperatures by 150 degrees. That means an equal temperature drop in exhaust gas temps to tow longer, harder and heavier payloads.

The turbo also has an exhaust housing engineered and sized specifically for the 6.0L powerplant for smooth power delivery throughout the entire rpm range, particularly off-idle, where reduction of unburned fuel (black smoke) is so critical. Offered with a high nickel cast steel adaptor flange so that the upgraded ball bearing turbocharger drops in directly in place of the factory unit, this turbo mounts neatly and securely on the factory exhaust manifold in a short time.

The Patented Ceramic Ball Bearing mentioned above has 50 times greater thrust capacity, quicker throttle response and are more resilient under high temperature shut-downs than conventional bronze thrust & journal bearing designs. Turbonetics is so confident in the design & construction quality that all of our products are backed with an unconditional one-year, No-Fault/No-Hassle Warranty on parts. Furthermore the Torque-Master line of diesel performance products look as good as they perform. Polished aluminum compressor housings, anodized aluminum back-plates, precision crafted intercooler end tanks, and meticulous weld beads are just a few of the cosmetic enhancements the Torque-Master line brings to the engine compartment.

Installation is simple and straightforward and will not overly stress the exhaust manifold like other aftermarket turbo systems. Turbonetics direct bolt-on turbochargers provide up to 500 HP of power and are complimented by Spearco's drop-in replacement intercooler upgrade featuring W.A.V.E. Technology bar and plate cores for increased strength and efficiency resulting in more horsepower and torque. Stage 2 and Stage 3 turbo upgrades are to be released in the Summer of '07.

Torque-Master Ford 6.0L Turbo Features:
• Turbonetics turbo upgrade routinely has 10 psi less back pressure compared to competitors units - 25 psi vs. 35 psi
• Turbonetics turbocharger on average has exhaust gas temperatures 150? F lower than other makes.
• Computer modeled wheel and ported shroud compressor housing, eliminates the surge and choke problems commonly found on both stock and competitors units.

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Turbonetics Torque-Master
Stage-1 Turbo
03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke


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