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The premiere name in diesel: Power Stroke

Ceramic PotteryFord's diesel Power Stroke engine is the best selling diesel in America; there are about two million on the road! For all around rugged performance, it is a great engine. If we are voting with our wallets, then America has already chosen it as the best production diesel engine out there.

For great diesel performance, Power Stroke engines deliver

Ceramic PotteryWhen it comes to the many applications of diesel, Power Stroke engines are well suited for almost everything. You will find them in work trucks and play trucks and everything in-between. For all-around diesel performance, Power Stroke engines are king. Since they come in 6.0L and 7.3L versions, there is a great deal of versatility in the Power Stroke. Ford diesel performance is great, but at Performance Motorsports we know it can get even better!

Improving the Power Stroke? Ford diesel performance enhancements

We specialize in equipment to maximize diesel performance. Power Stroke engines are great all-purpose machines, but they can be improved upon. It is true; you can improve on a great thing! Custom air intakes and exhaust systems can increase both power and efficiency by allowing for cleaner, more efficient burning of fuel inside the Power Stroke. Ford diesel performance can be boosted even further by implementing diesel performance chips and custom programming specifically designed for the way you use your truck. Performance Motorsports has everything you need to do it and you will be shocked at how easy it can be.

The power chip: Ford diesel engines' electronic brains

There are many parts in trucks today that were not there a hundred years ago and one of the most remarkable ones is also one of the smallest: the power chip. Ford diesel engines, like every modern engine, have electronic systems to control fuel injection, transmission operation and a myriad of other functions. While this has led to some real progress in the field of diesel engines, it leaves crucial controls up to a computer chip that is programmed for general use. It does not know if you are towing or getting ready to make a 500-mile highway run. You can, however, upgrade your power chip. Ford diesel engines can give you all they have when you are able to select the program that is best suited for your application. There are many great brands behind these upgrades, but you will find all of the best equipment at Performance Motorsports.

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