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Ford truck Power Stroke diesel engine upgrades

Ford Truck Power Stroke DieselBelieve it or not, our incredible selection of aftermarket Power Stroke Ford diesel performance parts can make your Power Stroke engine even better. You can get more power, better acceleration and increased mileage when you upgrade your Ford truck with parts from Performance Motorsports. If you find our selection of Ford truck Power Stroke diesel engine parts overwhelming or just want to leap right in and get the maximum performance, you may want to check out selection of part combinations specifically selected for your model.

Boost you Ford F 350 Power Stroke diesel engine

Ford F 350 Power Stroke DieselAs awesome as the Ford truck Power Stroke diesel engine is right off the lot (and we all know it is the most popular diesel engine in America), it really can be made even better. A precision aFe air intake unit and some new exhaust and your Ford F 350 Power Stroke diesel engine will scream like never before with increased power and better fuel efficiency. Or imagine adding customized power profiles to your truck's electronic brain with a unit that allows you to press a button and choose the injector settings best suited for exactly what you are doing at that moment! Ford diesel performance upgrades from Performance Motorsports can add a fistful of horsepower and torque to your Ford F 350 Power Stroke diesel engine.

Ford 6.0 L Power Stroke diesel enhancements

We currently offer not one or two but four performance combos for your Ford 6.0 L Power Stroke diesel truck. All of the packages include four-inch exhaust upgrades, electronics to boost your performance and awesome Magnum Force air intakes. Just imagine that with one of these sets and an afternoon, you could take your Ford 6.0 L Power Stroke diesel to the next level.

Ford 7.3 liter diesel engine performance upgrade packages

We even have four sweet combos to boost your Ford 7.3 liter diesel engine performance. Again, you are looking at adding a four-inch stainless steel exhaust pipe, Magnum Force air intakes and mind-blowing electronics. These are comprehensive packages that allow you to upgrade the airflow through your system, which is a huge boost on its own, and then maximize the effects by allowing you to reprogram your engine's brain! Our Ford 7.3 liter diesel engine performance packages have anything you could want but the fuzzy dice!

Explore the awesome selection of upgrade at Performance Motorsports today and see how far you can take your truck!

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