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Edge diesel performance gear is amazing

Edge Diesel Performance

When you are ready to take your truck to the next level, Edge diesel performance equipment is the key. It does not matter if you have a beat-up work truck that you need to squeeze every last horse out of, a personal vehicle that needs to be able to perform on the highways for that commute during the week and then haul your boat on Friday afternoon or if you are building a diesel powered racing monster, Edge diesel tuners gets the most out of diesel. Edge diesel performance modules such as the Juice line allow precision control of the fuel injectors and more. The end result is an increase in power and fuel efficiency, all from a module that usually takes less than an hour to install!

Edge Juice with Attitude adds power and control

If that is not enough for you, Edge Juice with Attitude ratchets everything up a notch. Imagine that same amazing Juice power module with an in-cab digital controller. Now, you have eliminated mechanical gauges because the Attitude controller replaces them and it brings the flexibility of in-cab, on-the-fly adjustment to you. Even with the Attitude unit, this is still basically a 'plug and play' module that connects to most makes in mere minutes. Edge Juice with Attitude gives you the control you need to get absolute peak performance from your vehicle.

Performance Motorsports Technology proudly carries a full range of diesel performance chips and tuners. We are ready to help you select the perfect power module for your vehicle. Of course, we have the other equipment you need, such as upgrade exhaust systems, to make your truck into a real monster. Performance Motorsports is your one-stop source for high-grade diesel products.

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